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Office CondosRecently I had a customer approach me to find an office with a warehouse in an area close to his present office. We looked at several sites and found one that seem to fit very well. It had the truck loading that was needed, it had ample office space that was well air conditioned and had the ceiling height necessary for his project. We met the listing broker at the site and everything went smoothly. We discussed the rent, ad on factors, terms and renewals. During the discussion the tenant was asked what he was going to be manufacturing or distributing.

Many people keep close to vest on what they are doing for fear that someone will copy or steal their idea. this was the case on this occasion. The listing broker needed to know more about the use of the building because the city had recently passed new environmental  laws. The prospective tenant mention that the use was going to be for petroleum products and that a fire stack was needed. All of this was news to me. I had assumed from the onset that the office warehouse was an extension of his current business, which is electronics. Needless to say, this city and all surrounding cities, had ordinances against a fire stack.

The prospects are now looking out of the county and in remote areas to get this project started. As a Commercial professional it is difficult to assist  prospective customers if they are not willing to share information necessary for you to help them with their objective. Of course in most business arrangements one of the key ingredients to a successful outcome is trust. This could be said for most relationships.

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